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New England Milfoil had 15 days of dives and removed 10,150 gallons of milfoil in 2015. A survey showed a 98% decrease in variable milfoil. Only a few scattered plants remain. John McPhedran from the DEP surveyed this area twice this year and was very pleased with our progress. Received positive feedback from Panther Run and Indian Point.
~ Jordan River Marina Condo Assoc, Raymond, ME • 10/15

Thanks for your work. Many kudos to you and your team. I feel you have made a difference in mitigating our milfoil.
~ NH Rep John A. Mullen, Jr. Exotic Aquatic Species Coordinator Middleton Conservation Commission • 8/15

The mound of milfoil you had on your trailer was unbelievable. Our area looks great; it’s easily 1000 times better!
Keep up the good work.
~Dave, Danforth Bay, Ossipee, NH • 10/14

New England Milfoil is a professional milfoil mitigation company. They are professional, hard-working, conscientious, and very experienced in dealing with variable milfoil removal in a wide variety of conditions. Our successes thus far in our milfoil removal project are very much attributed to the work of New England Milfoil.
~ Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance •11/13

21,240 gallons of milfoil harvested in 21 days of DASH work and 2 days of diver hand harvesting. This is an incredible feat for a very dedicated milfoil committee team and dive contractor to get the job done!
~ Ken Marschner • 9/13

NE Milfoil is significantly ahead of schedule.
~ Mike Lowery, Wayland, MA, Surface Water Quality Committee • 6/13

New England Milfoil specializes in removing invasive aquatic plants.