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It’s been a busy summer ….

Since early spring, New England Milfoil has been working with our customers to put comprehensive plans together to manage milfoil in New Hampshire and Maine lakes, ponds and streams.

In early spring, Cliff Cabral, New England Milfoil’s owner, was approached by the State of Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection to tackle the newly found problem of European Niad in Northeast Pond. Cliff and the state worked closely together to determine when would be the ideal time to begin harvesting. When the time was right, we began. In six weeks we removed 26,370 gallons of European Niad. A good-sized bath holds 50 gallons; so, we pulled enough milfoil from here to fill 527 bath tubs!

Our summer kicked off early this year in West Pond working alongside Dennis Spinney, awarded Down East Magazine‘s 2016 Environmental Award for their volunteer efforts. 2016 is the second year we were have hired to work with Dennis to remove Curly Leaf Pond Weed. This May we removed 7660 gallons of the weed in three weeks! To put this into perspective their harvest operations, in 2010 worked hard to brought in an impressive 2600 gallons. According to the West Pond Association’s spokesperson “the extra efforts to control the weed have been very impressive.”

We were delighted to return to Belgrade for our fifth year to support their efforts to manage milfoil in Great Pond and we’re pleased to report that they’ve seen a dramatic – 90% – decrease in the infestation there. In our first summer, we removed 50,000 gallons of milfoil; in 2016, we won’t pull even 5,000 gallons. This is an incredible success story and we’re pleased to have been their sole contractor in this effort.

Our customers on beautiful Conway Lake in New Hampshire have committed their resources not only to our twice yearly surveying of the entire lake, with particular attention paid to the boat launch areas and “hot spots” to confirm that there have been no infestations, but to the amazing boat inspectors who have been checking boats, sun-up to sun-down, since early spring. These Lake Hosts have made XX saves this year. Nice work!

In the summer of 2015, through the efforts of dedicated milfoil advocate Gale Pillsbury, Panther Run Marina and Indian Point Marina joined in the years long efforts of Jordan River Marina Condo Association in Raymond, Maine on Sebago Lake to tackle their milfoil infestations. In 2015, New England Milfoil used our Diver Assisted Suction Harvester (DASH) to remove 9430 gallons from areas in and around the boat slips and into the channel to the main lake. This year, we saw a dramatic reduction in growth which enabled us to spend the same amount of time working not only the boat slips and channel but outside the confines of the marinas in areas that are heavily infested which boats travel through to get “home”. So far this year, we’ve removed 6210 gallons of milfoil and we’re looking forward to returning for three more days this fall.

We spend two weeks in Collins Pond this summer and cleared approximately 2 acres of milfoil; removing nearly 12,000 gallons of milfoil for them.

In August, we modified one of our Diver Assisted Suction Harvesters (DASH) boats to address the unique situation in Ossipee River in Parsonsfield, ME. As there are no public boat launches, their on site coordinator arranged with private homeowners to grant access to our teams and the DASH throughout the week we spent there.